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How do I open an SMSF account?

Netwealth's Self Super service provides access to dedicated resources to help you or your client, as a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) trustee, manage the complexities and challenges faced within complying with the many rules and regulations applicable to a SMSF. Netwealth accommodates face to face client meetings at the Melbourne office in relation to SMSF enquires. To read more about what Netwealth offers in SMSF services, please refer to the Information brochure or the Self Super forms and disclosure documents. Self Super is a specialist super administrator offering a convenient and efficient solution for administering your or your client's SMSF. Self Super includes assistance with the following:  

  • Fund establishment,
  • Act as a mailing house,
  • Preparation of financials and income tax returns,
  • Preparation of member balance statements as part of the accounts package,
  • Arrange the annual audit and attend to auditor queries,
  • Lodgement of income tax returns,
  • Liaise with the ATO on any matters,
  • Arrange actuarial certificates where applicable,
  • Attending to reporting obligations (ATO BAS/IAS, TBAR),
  • Assist in the preparation of draft documentation in respect to pensions, lump sum withdrawals, etc; and,
  • Fund Wind ups.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Complete the applicable application forms:

  • ‘New fund application’ forms if you are establishing a new SMSF; or
  • ‘Fund takeover application’ forms if you are transferring the administration of your existing SMSF to Self Super,
  • ‘Authority to deduct Self Super expenses’ form,
  • ‘Authority to release information’ form; and
  • An online application or ‘Application’ form for the relevant Netwealth Wrap Service product, available from Netwealth’s website or on request by contacting 1800 888 223.

Step 2: Send us the forms and required documents:

  • If you are proposing to establish a new SMSF, please send the completed forms to the address below; or
  • If you have an existing SMSF, please send the completed forms together with the trust deed of your SMSF (including any amendments to the trust deed and details of any trustee changes) to the address below:

    Netwealth Investments Limited
    Reply Paid

    PO Box 336
    South Melbourne
    VIC 3205

Step 3: Self Super will then:

  • Review the information provided.
  • Undertake an internal assessment to ensure Netwealth is able to fulfil its obligations under the Administration Agreement.
  • If it is able to fulfil its obligations under the Administration Agreement, Self Super will pass on your deed order details to DBA or NTAA, arrange for preparation of the required documentation and once prepared forward to you for signing to establish or transfer your fund.
  • Netwealth will send you a copy of the Administration Agreement for you or your client to sign and return.

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