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What is the status of my super rollover?

Rollovers into Netwealth

If you have requested a rollover from an external fund into a Netwealth super account, you can expect the rollover to be received and showing in your account within 5-15 business days.

Rollovers into your account are at the discretion of the external transferring fund. If we haven’t received a response to the rollover request from the external fund after 15 business days, we will follow up with the fund and provide you with notice of any outstanding requirements.

Rollovers out of Netwealth

If you have requested a rollover out of your Netwealth super account, the processing time will depend on whether you hold investments within your account or not.

If the amount requested for rollover is:

  1. Available in cash - then the rollover will take an average of two to three business days to complete. 
  2. Invested in assets - assets will need to be sold first, so the rollover is dependent upon the asset’s settlement time.

Once the asset(s) are sold and the requested funds are in cash, the rollover will take two to three business days.

How can I check the status of the asset sale?

If you have online access, you can check the status of any asset sales from within your Netwealth online account by logging in and navigating using the main menu to Transactions > Search Transactions > Transactions and select the Pending tab.

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