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How can I nominate a beneficiary on my account?

You can nominate a beneficiary on your superannuation account by completing the ‘Binding death benefit direction’ form.

This form must be signed by yourself as the account holder and cannot be signed by an Authorised Representative (AR), such as a financial adviser.

Once the form is completed, email it to us at or post it to us (postal details can be found at the bottom of the form). Please note, we cannot accept electronically signed documents via email.

For your beneficiary nomination to be considered binding you must ensure that:

  • You have allocated a percentage of the benefit to each of your nominated dependants and/or your legal personal representative, and that the allocated percentages add up to 100% of the total benefit.
  • Your relationship with your nominated beneficiary(ies) is considered valid under Australian legislation (details can be found on the ‘Binding death benefit direction’ form).
  • If you are completing this application on behalf of the account holder under Power of Attorney (POA), you are not being nominated as a beneficiary.

Can I amend an existing beneficiary?

Amendments to an existing nomination or to a newly submitted ‘Binding death benefit direction’ form cannot be accepted via phone call or email. A new, signed document must be provided.

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