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What is family fee linking and how do I group my family’s accounts?

With family fee groups or family fee linking you can link up to six of your family’s Netwealth Plus accounts (not available for Core accounts) for the purposes of administration fee calculation.

When administration fees are calculated for the linked accounts, the larger aggregated account balance is used rather than the smaller individual account balances, sometimes offering a reduction on administration fees.

Jane and Bill are married and both have Super Accelerator Plus personal super accounts with balances of $90,000 and $600,000 respectively. By linking their accounts, annual administration costs are charged at the combined $690,000 balance. Jane and Bill are able to save $180 on administration costs, or nearly 10% of their combined administration costs. (This example assumes that the average daily balances do not change and provides an estimate only of the effect of grouping family accounts).

You can request to family fee link your accounts by completing the ‘Family group request’ form and listing each account you want linked. To be eligible to be linked, each account must be on the same fee structure.

The account signatory for each individual account listed must sign the declaration. If you are linking multiple accounts where you are listed as the sole signatory, you only need to sign the form once.

Once the form is completed, email it to us at Please note, we cannot accept electronically signed documents via email.

Once the family group has been created, we will email you confirmation, including details of the family group number.

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