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What is the process to split a Wealth Accelerator account into multiple accounts?

To do split a Wealth Accelerator account into multiple accounts, attach the below spreadsheet detailing the split of assets (CSV format for upload) and the Withdrawal form found under Forms & Disclosure Documents. If possible, upload these documents together with a cover letter detailing the intention of the transfer (including Super application if required). If the assets are being transferred to multiple accounts, you will need to tick a full specie transfer and note 'Please refer to the attached Annexure A' to ensure the split is processed correctly. 


Please ensure that the client(s) have signed both the Annexure A and the Withdrawal form.

If the sending account is a WRAP SMSF account, once the in-specie rollover has been completed, you will be asked to provide the SuperStream message and RBS (usually provided in the same message by the client's accountant or SMSF administrator) for the transfer value.  

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