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What is the process for share trading using an external broker for a Wealth Accelerator account?

This article applies to Adviser Representative's (AR) only. If you are a client and wish to take any actions in this article, please contact your adviser or Netwealth.

To use an external broker on a Netwealth account, please complete the following steps: 

  1. Broker sets up an account with you (if trading multiple clients at once), or with client (if trading for an individual client). Existing account may already be in place. 
  2. Broker places trade/s on behalf of client/s.
  3. You (adviser)/Broker to send Excel spreadsheet to Netwealth ( containing client/s & trade details, as well as the contract notes between yourself and the broker/adviser.
  4. Netwealth settles trades with CHESS and with clients' accounts'.
  5. Note that a $20 settlement fee per trade will apply to each trade settled in a clients account

Please note:

  • Separate trades need to be placed for Super Accelerator and Wealth Accelerator accounts. Netwealth has two HINs - one for each Super and investment. Use Netwealth PID 20367 when placing trade.
  • Send contract note to Netwealth ( as soon as practicable so Netwealth can settle the trade.
If you are interested in external trading, please contact your TRM/BDM for more information.

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