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How can I make an off market trade in a Wealth Accelerator account?

You can make an off-market trade by using the Off-market trade form. This form can be used to redeem investments from a Netwealth account, and to purchase the same investments in either a Netwealth Wrap Services account or Netwealth Superannuation Master Fund account (‘Netwealth platform accounts’) via an off-market trade. 
Off-market trades will incur the $50 transfer out fee per asset transferred. This fee is charged to the redeeming account in Step 1 of the form. A cash consideration must go back to the selling account. If you do not nominate an intended date of transfer or if you select 'the latest date and market value', trades will be processed with the effective date as Netwealth processes this form. Trades will be processed using the closing price on the day before the date of processing, or the next most recent close price available.  

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