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What is the Global Specialist Series (GSS) and how does it function in a Wealth Accelerator account?

The Netwealth Global Specialist Series (GSS) are a group of managed funds that are available to both the Core and Plus options for the Wealth Accelerator product. For all required reading regarding GSS please read the Information Guide to read about investments and withdrawals, benefits of investing in the Funds, risks of investing in the Funds, fees and costs, as well as how managed investment schemes are taxed. 


Netwealth Global Specialist Series funds

The Funds are invested in two different ways. 

  • With some of the Funds (the ‘Indirect GSS Funds’), the investment strategy of the Fund is implemented by investing the Fund’s money in one or more underlying managed funds chosen by Netwealth (‘Underlying Fund’ or ‘Underlying Funds’), whose investments are managed by an Investment Manager using an investment strategy that is aligned with that of the Fund.
  • With the other Funds (the ‘Direct GSS Funds’), the investment strategy is implemented by an Investment Manager chosen by Netwealth who invests the Fund’s money directly in assets selected in accordance with an investment strategy agreed between Netwealth and the Investment Manager.

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