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What happens to my Wealth Accelerator account if I die?

For all required reading regarding your Netwealth account, please read the Service Guides for Wealth Accelerator.

In the event Netwealth are informed of your death, applicable paperwork depending on your investor type, will be issued with information on the deceased process. The following will generally apply depending on your investor type:

For an individual investor –

  • Netwealth require evidence of death, generally in the form of letters of administration or grant of probate;
  • Netwealth will continue to deduct applicable fees and costs until the final withdrawal payment is made and your account is closed;
  • any existing advice fees and any existing portfolio management fees will cease from the date of your death; and
  • your Adviser Representative (if applicable) will no longer be able to operate or provide instructions in relation to your account (however, they will still have access to reporting in relation to your account).

For joint account holders, Netwealth will require a certified copy of the death certificate and certified identification of the surviving account holder/s to enable us to proceed with the in-specie transfer of the account to the surviving account holder/s.

For SMSF, trust or company account holders, please contact us for information on the process which Netwealth will follow and the evidence or identification information which Netwealth will require. 

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