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How can I transfer investments to a Wealth Accelerator account?

For all required reading regarding Wealth Accelerator accounts please read the Service Guides for Wealth Accelerator


You can transfer certain investments already held to a Wealth Accelerator account.

If you choose Wealth Accelerator Core, you may only transfer in cash or holdings in investments that are available through Wealth Accelerator Core.

If you choose Wealth Accelerator Plus, you may transfer in assets that are generally approved by Netwealth for investment in the Wrap Service using Wealth Accelerator Plus. Netwealth may also approve the transfer in of other assets, although Netwealth has a discretion whether or not to do so.


How do I request a transfer?

To proceed with a transfer of investments to Wealth Accelerator, you must complete the ‘In specie transfer and limited power of attorney’ form available on the website.

When the form is received, it is assessed to ensure all the required information has been supplied. Netwealth complete the necessary paperwork to have the investments transferred to Netwealth to be held by Netwealth in the Wealth Accelerator Service. This may involve Netwealth sending a ‘Standard Transfer Form’ to the relevant fund manager. This is a manual process and can take several weeks to be completed, depending on the registration party (e.g. fund manager or other platform). The processing time frame depends in part on how long it takes the transferor(s) to complete the necessary transfer(s) and this is not within Netwealth's control.

If, for any reason, an asset cannot be held in the Wrap Service, Netwealth may still be able to administer the asset on your behalf as a non-custodial asset (see the ‘Managing your non-custodial assets’ section in this Portfolio Service Guide 1a). 


What are the fees involved?

There is no processing fee currently applied by Netwealth for assets transferred to Wealth Accelerator.

If incomplete or incorrect details in relation to the investments have been supplied on the 'In specie transfer and limited power of attorney’ form, Netwealth may have to obtain this information from the fund manager. If there is a fee charged by the fund manager to supply this information, this is charged to the account in your/your client's name. This fee is determined by the fund manager and Netwealth does not have any control over this amount. These fees are deducted from the cash account.


Stamp Duty

If you are transferring a managed fund investment to the Wealth Accelerator Service, there may be a charge in an amount of stamp duty based on the value of the investment. Any stamp duty paid is deducted from your/your client's cash account.


Power of attorney

Custodial assets

Netwealth act as custodian for investments held in the Wrap Service via Wealth Accelerator. A custodian’s role is to hold the legal title to assets for the investor. It is therefore necessary for Netwealth to have the assets transferred to the Netwealth name. This is done by completing the ‘In specie transfer and limited power of attorney’ form which gives authority to transfer, on your behalf, all the assets outlined in the form to Netwealth. See the ‘In specie transfer and limited power of attorney’ form, available on the website, for further information.

Non-custodial assets

To enable Netwealth to administer a non-custodial asset via Wealth Accelerator Plus, you must appoint Netwealth as your attorney by executing the ‘Non-custodial Power of Attorney’ form. The ‘Non-custodial Power of Attorney’ form gives authority to access and disclose information and deal in investments on your behalf. This form is available on the website or from Netwealth, free of charge, on request.

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