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How do I make a withdrawal or third party payment online?

Step 1: Navigate to the cash withdrawal tool

Any user with online transact access to the portal may make a withdrawal or third party payment. To read more about transact access, read the article here. Select any account and then navigate using the main menu to Transactions > Pay and Withdraw > Withdrawal  


Step 2: Input the amount to withdraw from your account

a) Elect the withdrawal amount 

If there is enough available cash, input in the amount you would like to withdraw, and a narration for the withdrawal (e.g. investment property deposit). 

b) Sell assets to top up available cash (optional) 

If there is not enough available cash at the time of the withdrawal, you can choose to sell a managed fund(s) within the withdrawal screen (select the Yes option at the bottom of the page).

To track the status of the managed fund redemption, navigate to your Dashboard and look under My Tasks > Pending Withdrawals.

If you would prefer selling shares, you can proceed with the withdrawal and then go to Transactions > Buy and Sell > Sell Shares. The withdrawal will not proceed until sufficient cash is available, so will need to aware for any share trades to fill on market, or managed fund sales to settle.

Step 3: Selecting your withdrawal destination  

Option 1: Making a withdrawal to a nominated bank account

a) Click on the radio button to select the bank account option and select one of the nominated bank accounts.
b) When you are happy with the details, click Submit.

Option 2: Making a payment to a third party bank account 

a) Click on the radio button to select the pay anyone option.

b) In the blank fields, enter the bank details for the payment.

c) Click Submit and the payment will be processed, and a confirmation notification will be sent to the client once completed.

Note: If the cumulative value of withdrawals instructed on the day exceeds $5,000, a SMS text notification will be sent to the account holder asking them to approve the withdrawal if the request did not come from the account holder. Netwealth require the account holder to login to their account and verify the transaction before it can proceed. 

To approve the withdrawal, the account holder must login, navigate to Portfolio > Dashboard and under the My Tasks area click on the Pay Anyone task under Pending Approvals. This task will be automatically deleted after two weeks if it has not been approved/ rejected by the account holder. 

Once the account holder clicks on the task they will be able to view the withdrawal information. To proceed they simply click on Send SMS Code in the Security Check box which will provide a code to their mobile phone to enter.

The transaction will then be sent to Netwealth to finalise the payment and a confirmation notification will be sent to the account holder. 

Advisers can view all their clients’ outstanding Pay Anyone proposals by navigating in the main menu to My Business > Open Activities.

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