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How do I notify Netwealth of a client's death?

New functionality has been introduced to allow death notifications for Netwealth clients to be completed online. This functionality is for individual Wealth Accelerator (Core or Plus) or Super Accelerator (Core or Plus) only. At this stage, joint accounts or company/trustee accounts do not have this functionality and will have to notify Netwealth via


Web Process

Step 1: Log in to the website, then search for the client for whom you have received the death notification. 

Step 2: Navigate to Transactions > Notify us of a claim > Notify us of a death

Step 3: From here, under the section "Client Details", fill out the date of death and then click submit. You can upload the required forms on this page before clicking submit.

Step 4: Under the section "Addressee", fill in the details for the registered adviser if you are completing this as a third party/solicitor. If you are the registered adviser on the account you can leave this field blank. The Acknowledgement Letter will be automatically addressed to you. 

Step 5: The section titled "Dependant Name" is automatically filled in with the details of any Binding Death Benefit Declaration form (BDBD) on file. After these fields have been completed, you can click "Submit" at the bottom of the page. 


Important Notes:

  • Once the death notification has been submitted, the registered adviser will soon lose transact access to the client's account.
  • If you are unsure of the date of death, you can leave that section blank as this can be updated with Netwealth once the certified Death Certificate has been received.
  • If required, instead of nominating the adviser to receive the Acknowledgement Letter, the field of "Addressee" can be nominated to be sent to the executor.
  • After the Acknowledgement Letter has been sent, Netwealth will aim to send paperwork regarding the death claim in the following two business days. 

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