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What is non-custodial administration?

Non-custodial administration refers to the administration of assets and funds that are not legally in the custody of Netwealth. In addition to our Wealth Accelerator product, clients can now utilise our ‘Multi Asset Portfolio Service’ (MAPS) to choose to use our non-custodial administration service.

This integrated solution is intended to support assets which cannot be held in Netwealth’s custody. For example, limited partnership structures, private equity funds, and internationally domiciled managed funds.


What are the requirements of the non-custodial administration?

  • Must have a Netwealth account: Netwealth clients must have a Wealth Accelerator Plus account to access this service. If the client closes their Netwealth account, their non-custodial agreement will immediately terminate.
  • Adviser Representative: If the client has appointed a Nominated Financial Adviser or an Adviser Representative for their Wealth Accelerator account, they will automatically be appointed as such in relation to the non-custodial administration service. A client may revoke this appointment by giving written notice to Netwealth. 

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